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Department of Chemistry, University of Aveiro

The mission of the University of Aveiro is to expand access to knowledge for the benefit of people and society through research, education and cooperation. Activities to promote scientific and technological culture have always been regarded as pillars of this mission.

The Department of Chemistry has an excellent track record in the area of the promotion of chemistry and scientific culture, with an active and regular participation in University activities and collaboration with other entities like the Portuguese Chemical Society,  the “Fábrica Ciência Viva” Science Centre and several schools in the region.

The researcher responsible for this project, Paulo Ribeiro Claro, has a vast experience in science dissemination actions (some of which co-authored with other members of this project), which are an integral part of his work. As examples, we can mention:

  • National coordination and organization of local “Chemistry Olympics” – in close cooperation with the Portuguese Society of Chemistry;
  • Development of the modules “Química por Tabela” and” Química por Tabela 2.0,” for the Fábrica Science Center, in Aveiro (PRC and Brian Goodfellow);
  • Participation / coordination of activities in the “Science and Technology Week “;
  • Regular participation in radio programmes, including “Eureka” / TSF and “Click!” / Antena 1;
  • Collaboration in television programmes produced by the University of Aveiro (“3810-AU” / RTP2) or produced by external entities;
  • Development and presentation of performances and displays of chemistry for young students: “Chemistry in Show” and “Chemistry and Materials”; and “Midsummer Night Chemistry” for the general public (PRC and Brian Goodfellow);
  • Participation in the production of an interactive DVD about experiments  with the salt of Aveiro “A Place in the Salt” (Maria Clara Magalhães, PRC, and others);
  • Organization and participation in “science cafes”, teaching and dissemination workshops, thematic debates, interviews with scientists, among other activities.


Paulo Ribeiro Claro

Departamento de Química da Universidade de Aveiro

Campus Universitário de Santiago

3810-193 Aveiro


Tel: 00 351 234 370 732

Email: prc (at)



Science Office – Science Communication

What is the Science Office?

The Science Office’s mission is to promote scientific and technological culture, using innovative communication and outreach skills, making a bridge between the scientific community and different publics. It was created in 2008 with the idea of exploring an emerging market in which innovative science communication projects could be developed, taking advantage of the growing enthusiasm of the public for these kinds of contents on one side and the emergence of new communication tools and platforms on the other.

What the Science Office can do for you:

Under the motto “we communicate science”, The Science Office offers several scientific, technical and graphic communication skills:

  • Science communication consultancy – advice on which scientific topics to be disclosed, on the media and formats to be used, on the allocation of resources, on schedules and on the audiences to be reached by communication products.
  • Scientific writing and editing – production or adaptation of scientific texts, using appropriate language to both the theme and the target audience, taking into account the accuracy and truthfulness of the scientific facts.
  • Science visualization – the transformation of scientific data in images, illustrations and animations in order to explain scientific concepts or processes.
  • Design / publishing – layout, preparation of public presentations, optimizing the presentation of information and preparation of texts and images for printed and digital publication.
  • Motion graphics – graphics that use video and / or animation technology to create the illusion of movement or transformation, which are very helpful in explaining scientific procedures.
  • Web Development – design, development and implementation of websites.
  • Media Relations – Production and distribution of press releases, production of images and videos for distribution to the press, maintaining databases of journalists and media, managing interviews and press conferences, training of scientists for contact with journalists.

Development of content for science communication – writing scripts and storyboards, development and production of concepts for exhibitions, books, documentaries, websites, festivals, etc.

In May 2010, The Science Office received the Honourable Mention in the National Award for Creative Industries (Serralves/Unicer).

Also in 2010 The Science Office received the Multimedia National Award in the Education and Training category for the series 1 Minute of Astronomy.


More information:


Mariana Barrosa

Email: mariana.barrosa (at)



Duvideo Filmes

Flexibility, autonomy and proximity are values ​​that help Duvideo Filmes face the strategic challenges in the world of audiovisuals, with emphasis on the increasing internationalization and market selectivity, which require a continuous technological innovation.

Duvideo Filmes  is no doubt a reference in the audiovisual market with a team of experts in production, screenwriting, graphic design, camera operation, lighting, and  video and audio post-production.

After 27 years, the company excels, maintaining high quality production on television, corporate videos and multimedia.

Among its main clients are the national television channels, some international TV channels, advertising agencies and large companies of the most varied sectors.

More information:


João Nuno Martins

jnuno (at)