Who did what in the Chemistry of Things


The Chemistry of Things is based on an original idea by Paulo Ribeiro Claro (University of Aveiro) and developed by the Science Office and Duvideo Filmes.

  • Coordination: Paulo Ribeiro Claro (UA) and Mariana Barrosa (Science Office)
  • Executive Coordination: Mariana Barrosa (ScienceOffice)
  • Original texts: Paulo Ribeiro Claro (UA)
  • Adaptation and editing of texts: Paulo Ribeiro Claro (UA) and Mariana Barrosa (Science Office)
  • Scientific consultancy: Paulo Ribeiro Claro (UA) and Brian Goodfellow (UA)
  • 3D Production and Post-Production: Miguel Castro (Science Office)
  • Opening sequence: Luís Calçada (Science Office)
  • Design and illustrations: Antonio Cruz (Science Office)
  • Animatics: Francisco Costa
  • Music: Paulo Raimundo (Science Office)
  • Web development: Science Office
  • Screenplay and Direction: Vanda Simões (Duvideo Filmes)
  • Production Director: João Nuno Martins (Duvideo Filmes)
  • Production: Andreia Rosa (Duvideo Filmes)
  • Presenter: Claudia Semedo
  • Director of Photography: Fernando Santos (Duvideo Filmes)
  • Cameraman: Hugo Nascimento (Duvideo Filmes)
  • Audio: Nuno Galhoz and Carlos Vicente (Duvideo Filmes)
  • Teleprompter: Paulo Fernandes (Duvideo Filmes)
  • Props: Nuno Martins and Inês Maia (Duvideo Filmes)
  • Motion Graphics: Pedro Bravo (Duvideo Filmes)
  • Audio Post-Production: Philippe Serrano (Duvideo Filmes)
  • Makeup: Rachel Sa
  • Hair Styling: Eddy / Unique-Hair & Body Clinic
  • Styling: Florbela Santos
  • iPad application: TECField